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José Blanco Perales

My name is José Blanco Perales and I am an art historian, designer and enthusiast of the different artistic movements classified under the term New Media Art (generative art, net art, demoscene, livecoding, algorithmic art, vjing...). In the last years I started to code applications that produce designs inspired by artists of the new media movements. I find really interesting the use of algorithms for producing art and I love the digital medium for its openness and capacity of diffusion. Most of the time I use javascript as my main coding language, although I also code in glsl (OpenGL) and python.

In the Galleries section of this webpage I post some of my visual work, both still images and animations. Interactive projects and animations rendered in the browser in real time are linked in the Projects section. If you are interested in my artwork or want to contact me, please send me an email to [email protected].

If you like my designs and you want to support me, I sell my works in the following online galleries:

I am also available at the following social networks: