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These are projects I have been doing during my spare time. At the moment, all the projects reflect my interest in producing and manipulating images in the browser with the canvas api. Some are more interactive and others more artistic. Please enjoy them!

The project Meta blobs presents a collection of 3d animated blobs programmed in glsl using the webgl api. Some videos of these animations are posted in the Galleries section of this page. They run poorly in mobile devices.

The project Devices is composed of several interactive experimental apps where the user can produce interesting designs:

The project Marine life contains several animated sketches of moving forms that resemble marine animals in their motion. The code is based on Sine globe, but the animations are not interactive. It is recommended to use Chrome to visualize these animations. They run very slow in mobile browsers, so they are better enjoyed in a desktop.

The project Pictorama consists of three small apps that allow the user to upload and manipulate images in different ways.